Aron/West International understands how important it is for you to enjoy your employment and to feel you are in an environment that offers an exciting, professional challenge. You are the most important asset a company has and we look forward to presenting you with opportunities to help you take the next step for your career goal.

Tell Us About Your Preference

It is imperative for us to fully understand what is motivating you and what you are looking for in a new opportunity. We will ask you questions that include:

  • Where can you make the greatest contribution to a company? Is it in research, the translational area, being part of the clinical team or business development?

  • What level will be next for you? Scientist, Sr. Scientist, Group Leader, Therapeutic Head, Associate Director, Director, Sr. Director, VP, EVP, President, CEO, Chief Medical Officer, Board of Directors or Scientific Advisory Board Member, etc.?

  • Do you prefer a large or small pharmaceutical company? Well-established or start-up biotechnology organization?

  • In what type of work environment/culture do you thrive?

  • Do you need to stay local or can you relocate? Which areas of the country do you prefer?

  • Do you favor the management or scientific track?

  • From time of offer, what is the earliest date you are available to start your new position?

  • What responsibilities do you look forward to having in other companies?

Personalization At Its Best

When you are presented with an opportunity and our client has interest, our consultant will discuss general aspects of having phone and face-to-face interviews with our client company, since each has its own style and process. Every candidate brings his/her own experience and career needs to the table. At all times, Aron/West International believes candidates should make their own employment decisions based on what they feel is best for their careers.