Executive Search Process

Our Clients

The Difference: 

Our specialty is finding you the most well-qualified “needle-in-a-haystack” candidates. We work closely with you every step of the way by contacting you with updates so there is always constant communication. We first try to locate local candidates, when possible, and will cover a wide area to include nationwide and abroad when necessary. Your Aron/West International search consultant will have a minimum of over 15 years of experience finding your future, talented employees.

The Process: 

We start with discussing your open position so we can properly represent you. Together, we will develop a final job description to accurately describe the requirements a candidate will need and to explain the responsibilities needed to accomplish your department and company goals. Equally important is for us to understand your company culture and what work style is best for your future employee to have. We will ask you questions which will include:
► Describe a typical work day
► What are the management responsibilities?
► With which departments will he/she interact?
► Is there travel involved?
► When would you like the candidate to start?
► Is it a must for the candidate to be local, etc.? 

The Game Plan: 

Together, we will develop a search plan to attract top industry and/or academic/government/research individuals who possess the qualities and style you are looking for. We will present resumes and descriptions of the prospective candidates and will always work quickly and thoroughly to find those candidates who meet your criteria. Together with your staff, we will help coordinate phone and face-to-face interviews, provide candidate feedback after calls/meetings and will present offers (if you wish).

We are with you from commencing the search to hire!


Our Candidates

Personalized Care:

We know how important it is to find a new opportunity when you feel your career is not advancing or where you are feeling frustrated when a company downsizes. When we have a position that is appropriate for you, we will call you immediately to discuss the requirements  and responsibilities of our client company position.  We will always try to answer your questions in a timely manner with the knowledge we have.  It is our goal to take you through the hiring process from start to completion.

Your Success:

Anytime you have a concern or would like to discuss an aspect of the job or company, we are right there to help.  We can help with every step of the hiring process.  We never know what questions interviewers will ask, but we can give a general idea of how the phone and face-to-face interviews will proceed, provide a list of interviewers with titles (when available), explain company culture,  and discuss the offer process.  As soon as feedback is available, we will get back with you immediately. We know how agonizing it is to wait, and will always try to contact you as soon as we have any information at all.