Industry Focus

We are successful with small/medium/large pharmaceutical as well as start-up to large biotechnology companies. Our PhD, MD, MD/PhD, DVM, DVM/PhD, PhD/MBA candidates are in research, translational, clinical and business and many have also worked for diagnostics and device companies. Our client companies make both chemical (small molecule) and biologic (large molecule) drugs and vaccines for patients with diseases and conditions covering every therapeutic area. For a list of these areas, please click here.

Many of our biopharmaceutical candidates have the necessary skills and can easily transfer their experience to other industries. Their professional expertise can also contribute to Venture Capital, Life Science High Tech, Device, Diagnostics, Petroleum, Flavor & Fragrances, Cleantech (biofuels, etc.) and Not-For-Profit organizations. A number of our candidates have successfully started their own companies and/or serve in the capacity of Board of Director member or on Scientific/Clinical Boards.

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